Sincere apologies if that’s your house but I needed to share your dog with the world.

Love Clarinda Park. Love dogs.

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I used to always have a camera in my bag and be constantly taking pictures of places I went. Then that all stopped when I had a period of having continuos rolls of film turing out crappy and then I got an iPhone and started relying on that camera. So then I pretty much stopped taking photos. 

But I took my relatively new camera out tonight down to Dun Laoghaire pier. I have been dying to come down to the pier during the lovely evenings ever since the weather started getting better but having a broken foot kept me at home. I can see the pier from my house and it always looks so calm with the flat water around it. I finally made it down tonight anyway so now I’m happy. 

Now to go down as often as possible. 

Ps. It looks all lovely in the photos but just as we came to the car it started to lash rain.

3 machines later and one glass of juice. 1 orange/citrus juicer to juice the oranges. One actual juicer to juice carrots and apples. And then one blender to blend it all together with a banana.



Knapsack - Cold Enough To Break

Live at Braund Sound, Brooklyn

November 17, 2013

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Baby courgette. Baby Aubergine.

Berry lol

We are slowly becoming a go to westie holiday service. Minded 3 Westies in a row and had to turn down one this week. Here’s pics of my westie Jessie with our recent guest Westies-Ronnie, Poppy and Blanco. It’s scary how similar they all are in their behaviour.

Hulahoop Hippies

Current garden growing ons part 2.

With all this good weather we have been getting, everything is growing real fast. It’s so satisfying watching things grow from seed and knowing you grew it. Although, things take so long to grow and then you eat them within seconds. I don’t want to pick any of the lettuce I’ve grown cause it’s looks so perfect!