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Things that prove my mom is a secret feeder.

I significantly up my gym game. She significantly ups her vegan junk food shopping and starts leaving packets of chocolate in my room and specifically buying biscuits and jelly beans that happen to be vegan. 

Result: I am eating jelly beans in bed after the gym.

Unexpected bangers from Sinead O’Connor.

"To be with someone that looks smashing in athletic wear"

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I took this from the back of a ferry from some weird hip warehouse type place in Amsterdam. The blackest clouds were coming in and it looked real good. We managed to cycle home JUST in time before it started lashing so hard.

Hey Amsterdam, you’ve got some nice buildings.

Hey people of Amsterdam who live in these nice buildings, sorry for constantly looking in your windows at your top notch interiors and pets. 

I got a shitty film developed for the first time in ages.

It had some final pics of Lola on her usual walk/bum rub up Killiney Hill. Although she would get annoyed if we went to Killiney Hill and would purposely walk real slow in a huff, really she loved it when we got to the forest cause she got to suss out squirrels and meet loads of other dogs. 

Walking (one-less) dog and writing blogs.

Blazing RAGE!!!CVLT NationStreaming: CROWS’ Better Off Dead | CVLT Nation



My band, Crows, have our LP streaming fully on Cvltnation since earlier today. If you’re into the darker side of hardcore then give it a spin.

We put a lot of work into this release and we’re incredibly proud to finally have it finished. Big shout out to Cian Murphy and Mockie who put in a lot of time and effort to make it sound the way it sounds. 

There’s no way I can say this without sounding like a total douche, but when me and Rob recorded the first Crows demo back in 2009, there was no way I thought we’d get to do the fun shit we’ve done so far. We’ve toured the UK twice, released a split 7’ with one of my favourite Dublin bands, Drainland, we got to play with a lot of savage bands from all over the world, from Hot Club De Paris to Tragedy and now we’re releasing our debut LP. To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement. 

We’re releasing it through the following labels:




Give it a share if you’re into it and continue to not only support local and international punk and hardcore, but any underground music that gives you a sense of belonging. 


Share if you’re into it

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From IRELAND: Glen of Imaal terrier, Irish terrier, Irish Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Wolfhound, Kerry Blue, Wheaten Terrier, Red and White Setter.

How come no one told me how good cheap girls are?

Or more like where the hell was my head when I saw them when they played here years ago with Lemuria. 

Cheap Girls - Her and Cigarettes 





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I tried to hyperlapse part of my walk to work by creepily sticking my phone into mr denim jacket pocket and pressing record. Mostly it’s just pointing at the ground and people’s bums tho. Dammit jacket!

Blackberry picking up Killiney Hill —-> Apple and blackberry crumble 😊😛

Walking dogs and writing blogs doggy catchup.