From IRELAND: Glen of Imaal terrier, Irish terrier, Irish Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Wolfhound, Kerry Blue, Wheaten Terrier, Red and White Setter.

How come no one told me how good cheap girls are?

Or more like where the hell was my head when I saw them when they played here years ago with Lemuria. 

Cheap Girls - Her and Cigarettes 





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I tried to hyperlapse part of my walk to work by creepily sticking my phone into mr denim jacket pocket and pressing record. Mostly it’s just pointing at the ground and people’s bums tho. Dammit jacket!

Blackberry picking up Killiney Hill —-> Apple and blackberry crumble 😊😛

Walking dogs and writing blogs doggy catchup.


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Pictures of Pepper the Dalmatian pup. It was all serious at the start and then she got interested in the camera and then decided she wanted to eat it.

Dalmatian X Lola

I was in COS earlier on and heard this song and googled the lyrics immediately, found out what it was (CHVRCHES - Recover), played it on Spotify. Came home and took the song for a walk up Killiney Hill.

It’s such a good pop song, the kind that make you walk fast and feel like you’re in a music video (..or this could just be me).

Crassulaceae (so the sign says) has got a good colour and texture going on. 

Glasnevin Cemetery through a gate into the Botanic Gardens, Dublin.